Bertoni uses the most advanced technologies in the field of optics to provide sports sunglasses unbreakable, photochromic lenses, polarized lenses, anti-glare lenses, anti-fog lenses, lens drive for driving, nylon lenses and masks art for all sports.

Grilamid® is a special nylon studied for frames used in sport activities. It offers extreme strength although it is light and flexible adapting itself perfectly to the face. It has a "memory" which keeps its shape and elasticity even in extreme temperatures.

The newest material used for the realization of our sports frames is the Nylon TR90LX, stress-resistant and impact-resistant, extremely light. These characteristics are due to the chemical composition of this material unique in its kind, 70% Nylon 30% Carbon. It is 20% lighter than conventional nylons and offers greater resistance to shock and traction. It offers a greater resistance to high temperatures without deformation and, in addition, has a shape memory, which means it can be folded, but will always return to its original shape. Due to its flexibility and strength the TR90LX is the safest material for sportive use in optical, in fact, the resistance of the head frame of accidental collisions has demonstrated a strong structural integrity. This special material also ensures an exponential increase of the frame duration in the time.

It is the most used material in sports optical industries. It offers a high resistance in impacts although it is extremely light.

The spring hinges are projected under high standards and give the right amount of tension on the temples for a secure and comfortable adhesion. Available on most metal frames

These nose pads can be personalised to adapt perfectly to your nose, keeping the frame well fixed in place. Available on many items.

The side arms of the frames and the nose pads absorb humidity, always giving a perfect adhesion and a comfortable feeling