• Photochromic Polarized Sunglasses Fishing Watersports Running  - by Bertoni Italy - P545FTY
  • Frame: made by unbreakable Polycarbonate, color: mat black - Wraparound design: protects the eyes from wind and bad weather, provide enhanced peripheral vision.
  • Photochromic and Polarized Yellow LENS: photochromic to darken and lighten depending on the available sunlight and polarized to block blinding glare, from dark early morning starts to bright midday sun, to the long shadows of late afternoon cat. yellow 1 to smoke 3 (this is the perception of the color of the lenses but thanks to the polarization the protection factor proceeds from cat 2 to 3). The yellow polarized lens is the one defined as the "high definition lens" par excellence, ideal for driving and sports activities that require an increase in contrast in conditions of low light, rain, fog, etc. Please note, photochromic lenses react to UV rays and will not darken when worn behind an helmet visor or windscreen that blocks UV light. They must be exposed to direct sunlight to initiate.
  • Weight: 16 grames.
  • Size: suitable for all types of faces (narrow to large).

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Photochromic polarized sunglasses P545 have photochromic and polarized lenses that, with increasing and decreasing exposure to UV rays, tend to smoke cat.1 to smoke cat.3 automatically, always ensuring an excellent visual performance. A polarized photochromic lenses protect the eyes every day, in the presence of sunlight, overcast or intermediate weather conditions. What characterizes these photochromic lenses is precisely the polarizing treatment, that has always been among the most popular in the optical world. These lenses change intensity going from a filter 1, very clear, filter 3, the classic filter of smoke lenses.

Frame color No color
Frame Composition TPX
Frame's curving 8
Weight 18 g
Flex arms
Adjustable nosepad
Included lenses Lente 1
Lens Features Photochromic/Polarized
colour Photochromic/Polarized from Yellow Cat.1 to Smoke Cat.3

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