• Frame: made by unbreakable, flexible, durable and ultralight Polycarbonate, color: mat black - Size: suitable for all types of faces (narrow to large) - Lens Width 65mm ( wraparound sport windproof lens ) - Lens Height 42mm
  • Night Vision Lens - Yellow Polarizing improve contrast in poor visibility, heighten visual acuity, filter out blue light and enhance the perception of depth. Brightening lenses increase safety in adverse weather conditions; ideal for drivers, bikers and winter sport enthusiasts. The driving glasses with POLARIZED yellow lens blocks headlight glare and reduce night driving glare and eye strain, enhance night vision, improve color clarity and optical definition. Polrizing Yellow Lens are perfect fro driving in low brighteness condition , the polarization effect, in a sunny day,  is not so visible as the standard smoke or brown polarized lens.
  • Wraparound design: protects the eyes from wind and bad weather, provide enhanced peripheral vision.
  • Weight: 16 grames


Description & Features

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Many surfaces reflect the rays of the sun just like a mirror (glass, water, snow), amplifying the intensity. It 'must therefore be equipped with good protection for the eyes against the glare. The polarized lens sunglasses of this collection are the perfect solution to these problems operating a selective process eliminates the blinding light effect. The daylight travels in waves that oscillate in all directions. Even the polarizing light travels, but moves on two-dimensional basis: horizontal and vertical. Vertical light brings information to the eye, allowing you to see colors and contrasts, while horizontal light creates visual disturbances such as reverb. The polarizing lens is the only one that blocks horizontally polarized light, filter and only passes the light that can be better absorbed by the eye. In addition, the technology of poIarizzanti lenses intensifies contrasts and improves color perception, to the benefit of a relaxed and safe driving.

Frame color No color
Frame Composition TPX
Frame's curving 8
Weight 16 g
Flex arms
Adjustable nosepad
Included lenses Lente 1
Lens Features Polarized
colour Yellow Cat.1
Composition Triacetate

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