Sports sunglasses with antireflection polarized lens, 100% UV protection. Frame made by a special material, TPX, which allows the glasses to float in the water, particularity appreciated by who practice water sports and fishing.


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Many surfaces reflect the rays of the sun just like a mirror (glass, water, snow), amplifying the intensity. It 'must therefore be equipped with good protection for the eyes against the glare. The polarized lens sunglasses of this collection are the perfect solution to these problems operating a selective process eliminates the blinding light effect. The daylight travels in waves that oscillate in all directions. Even the polarizing light travels, but moves on two-dimensional basis: horizontal and vertical. Vertical light brings information to the eye, allowing you to see colors and contrasts, while horizontal light creates visual disturbances such as reverb. The polarizing lens is the only one that blocks horizontally polarized light, filter and only passes the light that can be better absorbed by the eye. In addition, the technology of poIarizzanti lenses intensifies contrasts and improves color perception, to the benefit of a relaxed and safe driving.

Frame color No color
Frame Composition TPX
Frame's curving 8
Weight 16 g
Flex arms
Adjustable nosepad
Included lenses Lente 1
Lens Features Polarized
colour Smoke Cat.3
Composition Triacetate

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