Motorcycle sunglasses



Motorcycle Sunglasses Multilens  - D200A:

  • Frame material: Light and Flexible Nylon TR90LX - 70% Nylon 30% Carbon.
  • Size: suitable for all types of faces (narrow to large).
  • Lens: Kit of 3 lenses included: Smoke Flash Mirror - Amber - Clear.
  • Wide peripheral vision
  • Lenses in anticrash Polycarbonate 2.2mm. - 100% UV protection
  • Lens width: 65 millimeters.


Description & Features

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D200 Bertoni Italy sport sunglasses is made by TR90LX, stress-resistant and impact-resistant, extremely light. These characteristics are due to the chemical composition of this material unique in its kind, 70% Nylon 30% Carbon. It is 20% lighter than conventional nylons and offers greater resistance to shock and traction. It offers a greater resistance to high temperatures without deformation. Due to its flexibility and strength the TR90LX is the safest material for sportive use in optical, in fact, the resistance of the head frame of accidental collisions has demonstrated a strong structural integrity. This special material also ensures an exponential increase of the frame duration in the time. D200 comes with 3 lensesinclused. Smoke, amber "Drive" and clear. The "Drive" amber lens guarantees an excellent contrast of colours and reduces the dazzle effect of the sun, dimming the blue colours, so each colour can be seen at its best. This way you have a surprising contrast effect but at the same time it relaxes your sight This type of lens is well appreciate by sporting people and drivers. All the 3 included lenses are in anticrash polycarbonate , highly resistant to impacts and extremely light in weight. .Packing : Box - hard case - Cord. Bertoni provides lifetime after sale service for all Bertoni goggles and sunglasses.

Frame color No color
Frame Composition Nylon TR90LX
Frame's curving 8
Weight 20 g
Flex arms
Adjustable nosepad
Included lenses 3
Included lenses Lente 1
Lens Features Antireflection
colour Smoke Cat.3
Composition Polycarbon
Included lenses Lente 2
Lens Features Antireflection
colour Amber Cat.2
Composition Polycarbon
Included lenses Lente 3
Lens Features Antireflection
colour Clear Cat.0
Composition Polycarbon